Here we talk about the top cameras making the waves.

Mirrorless cameras

If you want to shop for the best or most affordable Mirrorless camera you need not look any further. Mirrorless cameras are the most exciting product in the world of cameras since the inception of digital cameras and we are going to do a comparison of some of the best mirrorless cameras in the market today. These cameras come equipped with huge sensors and replaceable lenses but by disposing the mirror, they are now quite faster and easier to carry around.

They also have the quality to follow objects in motion while utilizing facial and eye recognition. The top range mirrorless cameras have improved on the performance issues plaguing earlier models and the latest cameras now come equipped with view finders. With high quality shooting focus abilities, these mirrorless cameras are way ahead of the competition.

The starting price for a mirrorless camera goes for $400 apiece. One of the best mirrorless cameras in 2019 around that price range is the Canon EOS M100 which comes with a 24 Megapixel APS-C sensor, incredible focus, WiFi, and a rotating screen which can be angled to your face. This camera scores points in all Departments and is an absolute steal for that price.

A little higher up in price is the delectable Fujifilm X-T100 also with the same specifications as mentioned above, only this time it comes with a built-in microphone with adapter plug. Fujifilm cameras are known for their excellent photo processing so you can be sure to have a camera with astounding picture quality with this brand. In the middle category is the more expensive Canon EOS M50 which is a better version than its cousin listed above.

It comes with the same features listed, as well as 4k resolution. For those with a love for a more old-school design, you can go for the Olympus OMD EM10 IOS, a stunning beautiful camera with lesser Megapixels at 16mp. The resolution is not quite on par with the others but it makes up for it with better stabilization which work with different brand lenses.

Point and Shoot Cameras for 2019

Sony RX100

This is a top class compact camera that is designed for professionals who know how to maximize the full features of such an innovative camera. It has 20 megapixels, autofocus, 4k video, 24fps, and comes with a deluge of features that are too numerous to mention. The video options come in 240, 480, and 960fps. A crystal-clear OLD viewfinder slides in and out conveniently, while there is Bluetooth to assist the WiFi and array of wireless connectivity features embedded in the equipment. The lens tops Panasonic's ZS200 and although it does not have the rival's extra lengthy photo reach, the optics are still crisper too. This camera is built for passionate bloggers ready to step up their creativity.

Panasonic Lumix ZS200

This is the new King of the school yard in Panasonic's travel-zoom series. It is the newer model of the ZS100 and comes equipped with the 20 Megapixel sensor, alongside embedded viewfinder, untiltable touchscreen, 4k resolution video, WiFi, Bluetooth, and 1080 video at 120 pixels for slow motion. The sweetest feature is its 15x zoom capabilities easily outclassing all rival cameras in its category. This is one camera that will not let you down in your most critical projects.

Nikon Cool pix W100

This is a simple and cheap camera that is worth every value for money spent. It is a waterproof camera with a 3x optical zoom, WiFi and Bluetooth, alongside many other trendy features. The SnapBridge app developed by Nixon, allows you to seamlessly transfer your photos into your phone while still on a shoot. The camera can also be manipulated with your mobile device or tablet. It may not be as pricey or chocked up with features like the other cameras mentioned above, but it comes with a lot of punch.