Welcome to our photography community. We are a founded by a team of high profile photographers who promote the art of photography for photographers and enthusiasts. Our vision is to create a resource depot where people all over the world can come to enjoy the hobby they love, to understand more about the art of taking that lovely photograph. We create an avenue for veteran and newbie photographers to display their works to reach a wider audience.

As an online community, we also aspire to educate and inspire photographers, including videography artists and other members of the photography community.

We try to help each other by providing the latest information in the photography world to our members online. Other ways by which we help include:

  • Dispassionate reviewing the latest photographic equipment such as cameras, hardware accessories, and books on the subject.

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  • We write high quality articles and authentic opinions on the subject of photography alongside other similar or related interests.

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Because of what we do, we have been able to impact on the life of over two million photographers across the world. We organize contests while also giving awards to outstanding photographers who have been excellent in their work. This is done to inspire others into putting more time and creativity into their passion.

Our contests are judged by a team of panelists who have made their mark in the photography world. We are unique because every contestant is given the opportunity to be a judge. You are allowed to pick the photograph you feel is the winner. Even our panelists get to pick their favourites too. Last years winner who took the stunning photo of a burning pinecone will also cast a vote. She has spent the last year working with marketing for new casinos in the UK, and her work has been featured on print and in motion ads.

With the excellent feedback we give to you, you can be assured of growing your knowledge in the field of photography within a very short period of time. Our contests are for different variety of photography including portrait, landscape, still life, and many more.

You can choose to join us to access more resources enhancing your photography skills, or you can decide to sign up to enter into one of our numerous contests. Are you a highly skilled and renowned professional in your field? You can dispense your knowledge to willing members by creating your own custom contest. But remember, whichever you choose, what is most important to know is we are the best place for you to come to for everything photography. The registration process is easy and free to use.

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